Comfort With a Conscience

Buy from a local blanket company in Washington, ME

Blankets are a little piece of comfort that you can take with you everywhere. They decorate your home and keep you cozy in all weather. If you're looking for something new to wrap yourself in, turn to The Maine Blanket. We're a sustainability-focused blanket company that's been producing artisanal blanket products out of Washington, ME for more than 20 years.

We began breeding sheep for wool in 1981 and know how to produce top-of-the-line products. As the only breeders of Polwarth sheep on the continent, we have access to super-fine, soft wool that doesn't cause itching or discomfort. All of our blankets are limited-edition and homegrown, making each order special.

Discover the beauty of natural Maine blankets

Over the years, we've developed an eco-friendly and functional production process. To create functional and beautiful Maine-made keepsake blankets, we:

Harvest fine (soft) wool from our grass-fed sheep
Spin the wool into three natural color blends
Hand dye our wool in sea water in solar vats
Weave our blankets on local antique power looms

Our plush polwarth wool blankets are all-natural, petro chemical free products and low impact. Learn more about our limited edition, homegrown blankets or feel for you self. Our soft, local, hand dyed solution to sequestering carbon for our planet.

A future with a pasture

Our regenerative farm in Washington, ME is committed to creating viable agricultural models that support both economics and ecologics. The wool in our blankets is produced, dyed, spun, woven and properly filled and properly fulled within a local radius. The Maine Blanket is committed to bioregional production and processing, an heirloom for today conserving helps New England farms and mills for tomorrow.

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